40th Anniversary 1980 - 2020

General Register Office PDF Extended Pilot

The General Register Office for England and Wales – “(GRO) has been piloting a service providing PDF copies of historical birth and death records. The pilot, originally extended to July 2018, has now been extended further to continue to assess longer term demand and there is no planned end date at this time. Further communications will be provided in due course.

Applications for PDF’s cost £6, must be made online and include a GRO index reference. England and Wales records available in this extended pilot include:

  • Births: 1837 – 1917
  • Deaths: 1837 – 1957

Note: A PDF is not a certificate and has no “evidential” value, therefore a paper certified copy [certificate] is required for official purposes, e.g. applying for a passport, driving licence or where required to give notice of marriage.”

Visit the GRO website.