40th Anniversary 1980 - 2020

Important Notice To Members: Change To Membership Renewal Date

Following on from recent discussions, the Executive Committee made the decision that the membership subscription renewal date should be changed from 31st December to 31st March for a number of reasons:-

  • The renewal activity would be taken away from the Christmas period
  • Less likelihood of renewals being lost in the Christmas post
  • Removes pressure from the Membership Secretary, who would be able to undertake the work away from the festive period.
  • Benefit existing members as they would have a further three months before having to pay their subscriptions.

This change will take place immediately, which means next year’s subscriptions will be due on 31st March 2016. There will be no change to the membership year, which will continue to run from January to December.

Gift Aid Reminder

Gift Aid logo
As we are now getting around to subscription renewal time, can I ask that if you have previously allowed us to claim Gift Aid on your subscriptions and you are no longer a UK tax payer, you inform Alec Graves, our membership secretary. Similarly, if you are unsure whether you have allowed us to claim on your behalf, please contact Alec to find out.
Thanking you for your cooperation.
Christine Adams, Treasurer