40th Anniversary 1980 - 2020

The GRO Has Permitted Users of FreeBMD to Take Screenshots of Entries and Share Them Online

FreeBMD is one of a suite of free to use, forever, family history database – users are already free to share screenshots of FreeCEN (nineteenth-century censuses) and FreeREG (registers of baptism, marriage and burial from the Church of England and other bodies).

Pat Reynolds, Executive Director of Free UK Genealogy said “Personally, I love being able to share family history discoveries with my family on social media – I’m delighted I can now do this for the civil registration data we hold on FreeBMD”.

Free UK Genealogy is a registered charity, where thousands of volunteers – transcribers, developers and others – make historic documents freely accessible to all on its websites www.freebmd.org.uk, www.freecen.org.uk, and www.freereg.org.uk.