Doncaster Archives 50th Birthday

Doncaster Archives are celebrating their 50th Birthday, as it opened in November 1973. They have been through many moves and changes since 1973, and they are hopefully in their permanent location on Chequer Road in the old Museum.

On display at the Archives this week is the charter from both Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, proclaiming that Doncaster is a city.

This charter was brought to Doncaster by King Charles himself, 12 months ago in November 2022.

The Archives have been running several open days to show what they can do for you.

Did you know that they will look up items for you if you can’t get there. Give them a ring on Doncaster (01302) 734307, or if you want to book a visit either call them or go to:

A gathering of past Archivists, with the present Archivist (Archive Manager) Jess Hogg walking away as I wasn’t quick enough to take a picture.

What do you call a group of Archivists? A collection I suppose 😄.

Brian Barber is in the centre of the photograph with the maroon jersey and Charles Kelham on the left in a suit. I didn’t find out who the others were.

Some images from the Archives including the Rail Heritage Store, vehicle registration register, Skelbrooke Parish Register and the Magistrates Court Register.