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How to use this search facility

The database is separated, for ease, into the main parish record subjects, as the buttons show.

– Click a button, enter your search information (less is more) and click ‘search now’.

– As soon as text is entered into the search fields the reset search button appears. Note that this doesn’t remove the listed data below and only removes data in the search fields.

– Records that match your search criteria (if any) will appear below the search window in the category you are searching.

– Click on any record to open a small window with the data recorded for that person.

– The results remain in the lower window until you search again.

NOTE: At the moment wild card searches are not available and you can’t search ‘all records’.

We hope to add these and extra features in a later release.

Search Tips

You can search each datasete by date.

The date format required is:


e.g. 01 JAN 1900.

You can carry out partial searches, but expect a large return.

For example Smith in the Last Name field returns any surname with smith as part of the name, for example Smithson, Greensmith, Goldsmith etc as well as Smith.

The details of which Parishes are included in this database will soon be available, on a separate link, which will include the dates available for each Parish.

Part Parish name searches in this field do work, for example George entered into the Parish field will return all records relating to Doncaster St George Parish, in each data type.

NOTE: Baptisms only go to 1989, Marriages to 1962 & Burials to 2001 where available.